terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

La la's: Thoughtful Monday

While I was doing the dishes, I had an epiphany! Let me start from the beginning.

When I was little, like the majority of little girls, I had the dream to get married and have kids. So cliché . I know....

Nowadays, the only idea of getting married, makes me twist my nose and avoid the mere thought of it.

I feel that, in order for me to get where I want,love will be always an obstacle.

The truth is: I'm not tailored for love. Now that I see, I embrace it. I totally accept it.

Trying to find love only hold me back...

Rejected, broken, sadness and sorrow + many other melancholic feelings. I ignore them now.

My happiness completely depended on someone. I still don't accept myself entirely.

Always putting myself down, self inflicting blows on my ego before any bastard tries,  feel disgusting with myself... I still feel like it...

Now,  I decided to put my career first and it's alright. Everything is getting into place now.

Well just a thought I am sharing.....

Xoxo lalarapariga

segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012

La La's First day of UNI!!!!

Anxiety... Lots of anxiety... To make everything worse, its raining, your inspiration for fashion is tasteless and you are LATE.

The meaning of being late, in this context is:


Those judging eyes, which the mercy was left outside the border and corners of that room. One single moment, when you can actually shake like a leaf and the pressure to impress and be accepted takes is toll...

I know that in the end you will be ok, but for the mean time everything seems hopeless. Argh T.T.

This was only a 'Small' introduction, in order to proclaim my real motivation to write this post.

Today was the "switch on the lights", that I was looking in my period of obscure indecisions and lack of content in life.

After breathing in that environment, touching the room, the walls, everything seems real and tastes real, well mostly because its real!

I am officially a proud Middlesex Student in the BA Journalism and Publishing Studies!

At least La La is content... Great day at Middlesex University!

P.S. Still keeping my eyes open for the guys on my Campus  :-^.^-:


terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2012

Lala is Networking: Look Soup

One of the things I love about networking is the connection and bonds that you can develop along the way. 
I love these little adventures, crusades indeed, where you march into a land of style, new characters and inspiration.

For a long time and even now, I am sceptical regarding my beauty. In my defence, I have tried so hard to. Just looking at the mirror convincing myself that I couldn’t be more beautiful.... I’m afraid it didn’t work that well.
After several self inflected blows on my ego, sometimes my though exterior is thin as ice and even the small touch fractures it.

Ok enough. This is about my recent found, or should I say they found me!

I have been using several online platforms in order to share my style and get inspiration from people all over the world. Networking is so much fun!
You meet such a diverse range of people and everything seems so much more open and the possibilities are rather incredible.

Have you been networking lately?
If so, LookSoup does not sound any bit stranger to you. If not well let me have the honours!
Look Soup is one of the most brilliant platforms rising right now!
Their aim is to provide and create a community that will not only reunite the unique, best, wonderful, never seen looks that you might not notice on other platforms!

I am a firm believer that this new platform is not only committed to relate directly to the users and develop bonds with them, instead of just counting the number of users.

I would like to thank Eva for noticing my blog and for the warm invitation to be part of this growing community. I just hope to make the difference!
Go and check it! Its utterly brilliant and Utterly engaging!

P.S Plus their Logo matches my personality and my name!

Xoxo LaLa

quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

La La and the Playmobil Castle!

I had a playmobil castle.

When I was younger and the world seemed coloured in bright and vivid colours.

Back then I would fantasise with princes and princesses, Queens and Kings, Knights and miladies in danger. 

Mesmerising lands, with the sea and a water so clean and so pure!

As every castle, mine was conquered.
Conquered by the fear of the world. Conquer by my fear, who subtly killed my dreams and fantasies and left me empty and alone.

Cross, cross, run, run, JUMP!

I had it but now is gone.

XoXo Lala

Images courtesy of  http://artsytime.com/thomas-kinkades-world-of-fantasy-and-fairytales/

segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

LaLa and the dress challenge!

Okay guys I know we are not having the best weather! I even know in fact that all we want is to wear warm jeans/trousers, not showing our legs.
Anyway, why not a dress challenge?!
Yesterday I added 3 new dresses to  my collection. To be honest I only wear dresses no matter where I go, the occasion and the situation. I love them!
I only have 30 with me now but looking forward to increase it more in the future. In the mean time come on board with me and just enjoy this fun challenge. I mean why not?! Send me your pictures, send me feedbacks, comments, messages. You know where to find me!

Lots of Love LaLa

White/light blue dress.

La La... Its Monday Morning, Rain is Falling!

 I recently discover that the British weather is one of the most fascinating things I ever experienced in my whole life.!

I mean, it is so amazingly and annoyingly unpredictable!
Who said diamonds are a girl's BFF when in reality is your umbrella? Or maybe you do not need it, when you have a very warm cover next to you!
YEAH, YEAH your Boyfriend. Kisses under the rain, a piece of your wet hair glued to your face, round almond eyes...

Today I feel quite anxious, it is only morning and we have a long way to go till the day is over...

Have a really nice and enjoyable day!

xoxo LaLa