segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012

La La's First day of UNI!!!!

Anxiety... Lots of anxiety... To make everything worse, its raining, your inspiration for fashion is tasteless and you are LATE.

The meaning of being late, in this context is:


Those judging eyes, which the mercy was left outside the border and corners of that room. One single moment, when you can actually shake like a leaf and the pressure to impress and be accepted takes is toll...

I know that in the end you will be ok, but for the mean time everything seems hopeless. Argh T.T.

This was only a 'Small' introduction, in order to proclaim my real motivation to write this post.

Today was the "switch on the lights", that I was looking in my period of obscure indecisions and lack of content in life.

After breathing in that environment, touching the room, the walls, everything seems real and tastes real, well mostly because its real!

I am officially a proud Middlesex Student in the BA Journalism and Publishing Studies!

At least La La is content... Great day at Middlesex University!

P.S. Still keeping my eyes open for the guys on my Campus  :-^.^-:


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