segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

La la's: Thoughtful Monday

While I was doing the dishes, I had an epiphany! Let me start from the beginning.

When I was little, like the majority of little girls, I had the dream to get married and have kids. So cliché . I know....

Nowadays, the only idea of getting married, makes me twist my nose and avoid the mere thought of it.

I feel that, in order for me to get where I want,love will be always an obstacle.

The truth is: I'm not tailored for love. Now that I see, I embrace it. I totally accept it.

Trying to find love only hold me back...

Rejected, broken, sadness and sorrow + many other melancholic feelings. I ignore them now.

My happiness completely depended on someone. I still don't accept myself entirely.

Always putting myself down, self inflicting blows on my ego before any bastard tries,  feel disgusting with myself... I still feel like it...

Now,  I decided to put my career first and it's alright. Everything is getting into place now.

Well just a thought I am sharing.....

Xoxo lalarapariga

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