quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

La La and the Playmobil Castle!

I had a playmobil castle.

When I was younger and the world seemed coloured in bright and vivid colours.

Back then I would fantasise with princes and princesses, Queens and Kings, Knights and miladies in danger. 

Mesmerising lands, with the sea and a water so clean and so pure!

As every castle, mine was conquered.
Conquered by the fear of the world. Conquer by my fear, who subtly killed my dreams and fantasies and left me empty and alone.

Cross, cross, run, run, JUMP!

I had it but now is gone.

XoXo Lala

Images courtesy of  http://artsytime.com/thomas-kinkades-world-of-fantasy-and-fairytales/

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