sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012

La La: Things that I do not get! This is serious!

This is serious! The level of rudeness is getting bigger! 

Guys really?! Pushing the ladies just to get the sit on the tube first?
Well you can have it all...

The society is getting fairly rude! I mean if you look around, you will see that people do not show a bit of compassion. Of course, it is some rare cases ( I like o think I am one of them), that still smile even if the other person don't return it. 
Maybe I am just a "pleaser". Therefore as a "pleaser", my need to make other peoples day is quite huge.
I am eager to show that the world is not only grey nor black... It is funny... 
It's funny how I feel like I should make others happy when I don't appreciate myself, and it is only during these moments that I take a sit back and think deeply about my own feelings. I is funny indeed.
Enough about me.
My reason for writing this post, its purely because of that man, with no name that pushed me across the tube, just to take a sit for 10 minutes. 
If you are reading this, please take a few steps back and analyze yourself. Is this global rudeness and lack of compassion affecting you? 
Maybe this is the best time to make a change. 

Lots of Love LALA

2 comentários:

  1. não sabia que ja tinhas blog querida!
    segue-me :)

  2. People have no manners these days. We stick our nose in other's business, but fail to help them when they need it. @Thank you & Pardon Me' don't seem to exist anymore. We care only for ourselves. Sadly. I try and do the opposite, we have to make sure this rude kind of way doesn't kill kindness! x