terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

What is the definiton of the word BEAUTY?

What defines beauty? Is it the Money in your wallet? Is it your skin tone? Is it your body type? Is it your smile and the glitz in your eyes?
I think that beauty is a word without definition. What beauty means to me doesn’t mean the same to others.
It’s funny to see that, what I find amazing and brilliant, others think as cheap and ugly. This is life and it’s amazing. The fact that people have different opinions about simple things like food, money, life, love, beauty… it’s fascinating. Personally for me, life wouldn’t be funny. Life wouldn’t be life as I know it.
I have to confess that I feel jealous when I watch those princess movies. I mean c’mon everyone does (if you don’t! Something is really wrong you! Lol)
Beauty it’s such a beautiful word. It sounds great when you mean it. It sounds great when you’re in love. It sounds great when you are depressed. It sounds great when you say it to your friends.
Deconstruct the word beauty, and you’ll get:
Brave! You are brave when you defy what you think it’s impossible. When you define beauty by yourself!
Elegant! When you put that red dress and your black high heels, and your ruby lipstick… You can conquer the world or at least that amazing and fancy restaurant. You go girl!!!! Spread elegance and catch the eyes of the guy alone in the bar.
Abilities! You are a woman! Your abilities are endless. You can give birth. You raise good men and great women. You are a great cook, when you don’t burn the kitchen. You are smart, independent, brilliant, amazing, gifted. You provide balance and harmony to others life. You sacrifice everything for your family. You try to be there in every single moment since birth. You keep everything in control, well at least you try. It’s not easy to be a woman.
Unique! Well everything that I said it’s not enough. You are one of a kind. No one looks like you (not applicable for twins ah ah ah). No one sings like you, even when you are out of key. No one smiles like you. No one cries like you. No one jumps of joy like you. No one gets drunk like you. No one looks like you in that hot red dress. No one puts that ruby Chanel lipstick like you. No one acts like you. No one give kisses like you. No one looks beautiful in the morning like you. No one defines beauty like you do. It’s not enough but it’s a pretty cool list of the main things that make you Unique.
Treasure! You are a treasure. You carry for 9 months a little treasure, and then you give birth and raise a little treasure that will turn in one of the most wanted, unique, envy and beautiful treasures.

You! You are the definition of beauty. Look at you! I mean look at you in a positive way. Look how beautiful are your eyes, your lips, your cheeks… Jeez you are gorgeous. Your smile is hypnotic. When you look at him with your almond eyes he melts. You are perfect.
I came across with these two ads from Cover Girl (by the way I love the make up!)!!!
Drew Barrymore and Queen Latifah give a definition to the word beauty in their own way.And that is the main point. You have to define beauty and not let others define beauty for you.
 Look at the confidence that they show. They are proud to be who they are. This confidence makes them beautiful.
 Confidence makes you beautiful.

Now put a smile on your face and just enjoy yourself. You define beauty.
Only you can make others see and believe that you’re beautiful. And guess what?  
You are 
beautiful to me!

 xoxo LaLa

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  1. What a great post, I definitely think beauty comes in many forms and is in the eye of the beholder!

    xo Gillie

  2. Hiiii....Dear Friend!!
    Is the first time I`m seen this blog of yours..and guess what I´m thinking...
    Yeah!Yeah!Is very passionable,interesting and...Yeah, it defines you...
    Keep on going...Kisses!!


  3. Love this post!! You are for sure beautiful!! Thank you very much for visiting me doll, I really appreciate it & of course I am following you back, my pleasure!! I hope you are doing well & having a wonderful week! xxx

  4. I always say that if you don't love yourself who will?